Personal leasing

It’s about hiring a temporary staff to our customer, e. g. loss of staff in case of illness covering productions peaks,  unplanned needs to increase the number of employees, in case of lack of qualified employees in the locality.

We choose candidates carefully pursuant of CV, personal interview and qualification profile.


Accepting full responsibility for a portion of customer activity.

We provide full service, train, integrate the necessary staff, including payroll according to customer needs.


We provide permanent job and bring a complete solutions to recruitment  of your company. We also actively seek permanent staff if you need.


-Workers in engineering (metalworking professions, welding and locksmith professions, different professions working in the engineering and metallurgical industry)

-Production workers (electronics, automakers, suppliers and all other kinds of industrial production)

-Workers to warehouse logistics

-VZV drivers

-Construction workers

and others as needed ...



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